May 01

Get on with the day job

It was a pleasure to be joined on Bute today by Shadow Secretary for Health, Donald Cameron MSP.

As we spoke to local residents, the recurring theme was opposition to Indyref2, with people just wanting the SNP to get on with the day job.

We discussed issues that were important to local residents, like residential care for the elderly and supporting local businesses.

We also had the opportunity to pay a visit to the Legion Scotland Military Museum, and hear about the great work they do in supporting local veterans.

Apr 20

Rothesay ready for a change

The team and I have been out delivering election addresses all over our beautiful island.

We have been getting a great response from voters who say they are ready for a change.

On 4th May, vote for a strong local candidate to who will work as part of a team for a better future.

Apr 10

Training for the future

Taking a short break from the campaign trail, Peter was in London at the weekend undertaking a Leadership in Public Life training course.

The course, taking place at Conservative Campaign HQ, saw candidates and prospective candidates from all over the country meet to discuss the issues facing our nation, and work towards continuing their own individual personal development.

“It was a great opportunity to meet like minded individuals, and also learn from colleagues who have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share.” said Peter.

“I have always been a believer in the concept of life long learning, and I know that what I am learning makes me a better candidate now, and better equipped to serve in the future.”

Apr 07

Ambitious plans for Rothesay Pavilion

Today I took the opportunity to visit Rothesay Pavilion to see the progress that had been made in the 1st phase of the restoration of the Grade A listed building.

With the enabling works now completed, the 18 month project due to commence in the summer,  will restore many original features, including some features from the original plan which were never built.

Funded from some 16 different sources, the ambitious plans include versatile function spaces, gallery, and  redevelop the caretakers house to include 3 small business units.

It was a great opportunity to see the extent of the work that has already been undertaken, and to hear the plans for it once again to become a ‘palace of entertainment and delight for the people of Bute and visitors to the island.’

I look forward to visiting again as the work progresses.

Mar 27

Candidates announced for May’s Council Elections

Argyll and Bute Scottish Conservative & Unionist Party have announced the candidates who will be standing in each of the Councils 11 Wards in the upcoming elections in May.

Association chairman, Sandy MacPherson said “Here in Argyll and Bute we have a realistic opportunity to increase the number of councillors.

We are fielding candidates in every Ward, and I am quietly confident we can at least double the number of Conservatives on the Council.”

The candidates, drawn from a diverse range of backgrounds include former Highlands and Islands MSP Jamie McGrigor, who will be standing for the Oban South and the Isles Ward. Taking up the baton from Maurice Corry, who was elected to the Scottish Parliament in 2016 will be Barbara Morgan, standing for the Lomand North ward.

Also included in among the group is former Labour Councillor and Depute Leader of Inverclyde Council, Yvonne McNeilly, who will for the first time be standing as a Conservative. On her reasons for switching party, Yvonne said “It was clear to me that only Ruth Davidson’s Scottish Conservatives could bring about a real change in Scottish politics and deliver for the people of Scotland the high quality services, transparent government, strong local authorities, and a modern vibrant nation.”

Current Conservative Group Leader on Argyll & Bute Council, Gary Mulvaney, who will be defending his Helensburgh Central ward said “We have great local candidates to represent their communities. At the same time, we need to build on Ruth Davidson’s success last year as a strong voice for keeping the UK together and saying No to second referendum. With Labour and Lib Dems floundering, we are the only party able to stop the nationalists.”

The candidates are:

Ward 1. South Kintyre – Donald Kelly
Ward 2. Kintyre and the Islands – Alastair Redman
Ward 3. Mid Argyll – Alec McNeilly
Ward 4. Oban South and the Isles – Jamie McGrigor
Ward 5. Oban North and Lorn – Andrew Vennard
Ward 6. Cowal – Yvonne McNeilly
Ward 7. Dunoon – Bobby Good
Ward 8. Isle of Bute – Peter Wallace
Ward 9. Lomand North – Barbara Morgan
Ward 10. Helensburgh Central – Gary Mulvaney
Ward 11. Helensburgh and Lomand South – David Kinniburgh

Feb 23



Time and again we read in the local paper that development and progress are being hampered by senseless bureaucracy imposed by people who spend little or no time in our community but are quite happy to try to dictate what goes on.
Not only is this behaviour damaging to our community it holds back positive developments and investment. This nonsense must stop.

Preservation must be balanced with progress. As a director of Bute Conservation Trust I am committed to preserving our built and natural heritage. However, I also want to see our community thrive.

We cannot live in the past. Rather than drive away those who want to invest in our community we need to embrace ideas and developments which will breathe new life into this community and create much needed employment.

Feb 23



Broadband speeds which are getting faster generally seem to be getting slower on Bute.
With ever more services being delivered online, we need a fast, reliable connection to the internet.

Whether we want to video call with family, conference with colleagues or even access on demand content, our local exchange is not up to the task and desperately needs to be upgraded to acceptable modern standards.

Feb 23

Rough Roads


Despite recent resurfacing works, more investment is needed in the island roads network.
For too long Bute has not received its fair share of investment in our roads. This has to change. Please continue to report road faults to the Council on 01546 605 514, to demonstrate more needs to be done.

Sep 03


Argyll & Bute Council has been in a state of flux for too long.

Infighting and political positioning has caused costly delays to the services which are delivered by Argyll & Bute Council.

Vital decisions have been delayed because of a lack of co-operation within the Council chamber and progress on key outcomes is not being made since decisions cannot be taken.

Party Politics should not take precedence over helping people in the communities of Argyll & Bute.


Yet some parties seem to think it is acceptable to meddle in the workings of the Council and seek to direct and influence their members from Holyrood, demanding they follow a party agenda.

Councillors should be focused on the needs of the  community instead of spending time pursuing a separatist agenda.

We all need a Council that works hard for the people of Argyll & Bute. Councillors aren’t paid to fight amongst themselves.

Sep 03



Scotland is stronger now and will be stronger in the future economically, politically, and socially as a partner in the United Kingdom.

We don’t need uncertainty, instability, and barriers for our businesses. The UK is the world’s oldest and most successful single market and the UK has the oldest and most successful currency.

In an uncertain world Scotland’s security is strengthened as part of the United Kingdom. Scotland makes a vital contribution to the British Armed Forces. As part of the UK we have real clout in the UN Security Council, NATO, the EU, and we have Embassies around the world.

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