Sep 03


Like other areas in Argyll, Bute has a need for modern facilities, but seems to be last in line when it comes to funding these resources.


Parking is becoming an issue in the town, with a growing number of motorists but no rise in parking provision—in fact with restrictions in street parking we have more cars and fewer parking spaces.

Other areas in Argyll have modern sports and recreation facilities. Bute seems to be the poor relation with dilapidated tennis courts, poor facilities for young people and a need to upgrade the cinema equipment to digital.


Real solutions that work are required to tackle local problems and create 21st century facilities on our island.


Mar 14

Healthy Living and Recreation

improving local leisure services

 I recognise the vital contribution made to the vibrancy and wellbeing of our community by sporting, cultural and recreational services.

Whether it’s the library, sports pitches, swimming pool or golf courses, we want to see the fullest range of first class leisure facilities available to local people and visitors to our area.

Mar 14

The Best Start In Life

schools fit for the 21st century

A good primary and secondary education is the key to a bright future for all our children. It is the path to a rewarding and fulfilling career or to the opportunitites of further education.
That’s why I support continued investment in the fabric of our local schools to ensure teachers have at their disposal the resources needed to provide the best possible learning environment.

Mar 14

Improving Local Services

getting best value for the taxpayer


I will be working hard to improve services for residents across our area.

I want services that respond to the aspirations of all our commuities; cleaner streets; good schools offering the best possible education; a housing service that meets the needs of tenants; better sport, leisure and cultural provision; support for local jobs.

And we must never forget that these services are paid for by you, the taxpayer, or that the maximum value must be achieved for every pound of the public’s money.

Mar 03

Peter Wallace selected to fight for Bute


Local businessman Peter Wallace has been selected as your candidate for the forthcoming local elections in May. He was brought up and educated on the island and lives with his wife and three children in Ballochgoy. Peter successfully runs The Carpet Warehousein Rothesay.

Peter is involved with many local organisations trying to make a difference to the quality of life which we all enjoy.

“I enjoy living on Bute, which is why I want to do my part to make sure that the island remains a great place to live for our children and grandchildren” said Peter.

Like many people on the island Peter believes it’s time for  change.

 “We need new faces and new ideas on the Council. We have to get away from electing people who have lost their local focus because they are trying to follow a party line. The people of this island deserve representatives who do what’s right for the people of Bute.”

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